We should fight the Democrats

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US Democratic Party

More than 30% of Obama fans hate Democrats now!
The Democrats closed all the businesses for the sake of politics but go partying themselves.

Many Americans who were Democrats in the past are waitin for President Trump to call his supporters to take to streets in every city for them to join too.

Even if Biden was the only candidate in this election, he would still get 20 million votes more than himself!
The wonder of this Venezuelan counting machine!
Iran’s already ordered a few of them!
With this machine, even if Biden does not take part in the election, he will still become president.

We had media for 25 days and Iran’s regime, scared to death, announced in the UN Security Council that RESTART Leader is changing our regime and Trump will not hand him over to us!

Now imagine, the Democrats have the media, Hollywood, and newspapers for 50 years!

Of course we should fight!

Seyed Mohammad Hosseini

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