The Alliance of the MEK and Reza Pahlavi, another prediction of the RESTART Leader that happened!

The Alliance of Maryam Rajavi, the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) and Reza Pahlavi, Monarchist

Whatever RESTART Leader said happened!

Voice of America, the Basijis, Radio Farda, IRGC members, the Mojahedin Khalq (MEK), BBC, politicians and the media united against “RESTART”!

The RESTART Leader had earlier informed about this issue several times and announced again a few days ago:

“The Basijis and the Opposition Groups will soon attack the only way of salvation in the guise of one another and of course each other!
Where have you been over the past year?!
Probably you have to do it from now on!!
Do not hurry…
I bet you will attack us fiercely.”

Regarding this unfortunate bond and the events that have taken place these days, RESTART Leader offered some explanations on his Twitter account and wrote:

Reza Pahlavi and Maryam Rajavi stole billions of dollars from the people of Iran and received money from the UK, Russia, Germany, France and security organizations of some countries!
They are puppets and spies!
They have hundreds of media!
They are friends of John Bolton, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and John McCain!
They hate President Trump, but they beg at his door every day!

It is important to know that;
Those who attack the Iranian regime only are stupid!
Those who attack Reza Pahlavi or MEK only are more stupid!

Only those who attack the three of them are wise and compassionate people!
Because the MEK, Reza Pahlavi and Iran’s regime are all Radical Islamists, spies and puppets!


Globalism and Radicalism are two parallel lines that intersect!
And their intersection is Communism!

Communism is their belief;
Globalism is their media and money;
Radicalism is their terrorist arm.

We succeed when the light comes on,
But in order to succeed, others have to turn the lights off!
This is the difference between…
an eagle and a bat!

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