RESTART being shouted out on top of Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia

A RESTART Opposition member in a brave act shouted out “RESTART” on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia.

He raised the American, Israeli, Australian and the RESTART opposition flags and broadcasted a clear message to President Trump and Secretary Pompeo:

“Happy birthday America. Happy Independence Day. I am on top of the Harbour Bridge in Sydney, the Diamond of Sydney. The Harbour Bridge let me come up today to send a ‘Peace’ message to all the people around the world.

We all are one. I don’t care what’s going to happen to me; I’ll give my life for all my people, for the people around the world, freedom of people in Iran, in the world, people of Middle East.
Here is our freedom, here is our peace; here’s our peace on top of the Harbour Bridge in Sydney. Here’s the American flag, here’s the Persian flag, the Israeli flag, Australian flag, it’s my second home flag. I’m really sorry people of Australia, I’m sorry people of Sydney, I know you are going to be mad, but we haven’t had any choice.

All the media banned us for more than two years, none of them talked about us except Infowars. Infowars, Alex Jones, Greg Reese, David Knight Show, just these people supported us, and the lovely patriots, the strong patriots, QAnon people, QAnon military, these people just helped us other people hear about us.
Alex Jones, you are a patriot, Greg Reese you are a good patriot.

Hello President Trump, Secretary Pompeo, all American people, I’m Pedro, one of the millions of RESTARTEES, here is Sydney Australia, here’s Sydney Harbour Bridge, here is the human’s freedom bridge, and here is the American flag, Persian Flag, Israeli flag, Australian flag. Persians love Americans, Persians love Israeli people, we have peace with all these people around the world.

Here’s our message, we are not enemies with anyone, the lions are waking up, the Patriots are waking up, all the patriots around the world are together, we are together, we all are together in this fight, we will fight until our freedom, we love America, love Israel, love Australia, love Persia and love all the people around the world. We all are one.”

A RESTART Opposition member in a brave act shouted out “RESTART” on top of Sidney Harbour Bridge in Australia

This released video by the RESTART Vendetta got thousands of views on social media and websites, however, BBC News, Voice of America (VOA), and other mainstream media are still censoring RESTART opposition!

While RESTART opposition was a top story in the Australian media and Yahoo news, they wrote, the RESTART populist movement wants to topple the regime and establish the government run by the elites and scholars in Iran.
Pedro’s act was a clear message to the people in the world:
“Be aware and prepare yourselves for a RESTART”

RESTART opposition wants to bring back glory and pride to Iran; RESTART wants to Make Iran Great Again, however, the leader of the opposition has been censored completely for the past 3 years, and we dare to say that, in our contemporary history, no opposition has been censored anywhere in the world as much as the RESTART opposition.
All RESTART opposition members want is their leader, Seyed Mohammad Hosseini, to have a medium to deliver RESTART’s message to the world.

Pedro is the patriotic voice of Iran. The world, with its silence, is supporting the Islamic Republic of Iran’s terrorist regime, is betraying humanity, and must wait for its consequences.
In his June 13 message, RESTART leader announced that any country supporting the terrorist regime of Iran will have the least diplomatic relations with us in the future of Iran, the Cyrus Empire.

Pedro is a representative of the Persian nation. He risked his life and cried out for freedom on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge to break the censorship against the RESTART opposition. And Pedro is not alone in this; all the RESTARTEES are ready to deliver RESTART’s message of peace, love, and oneness to the world.

In the Past years specifically during the last presidential election in Iran in 2017, RESTARTEES in an attempt to break the censorship against the RESTART opposition and to be recognized officially, in a symbolic act, threw paintballs to the government buildings and the Iranian embassies in different countries.

In another symbolic act, RESTARTEE, Mohammad Dadashi once walked 620km from Melbourne to the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Canberra Australia and another time he walked a 350km from Sydney Bridge to Canberra carrying with him the RESTART flag, The Israeli flag, and the American flag to say “we don’t want this regime anymore”. And he risked his life by sacrificing his anonymity to speak out against the Islamic Regime.

One of the RESTARTEES in Germany, while on top of a crane in of the streets in Berlin, was shouting RESTART, and asked for an interview with the mainstream media about RESTART opposition.

The flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the United Nations – Geneva, Switzerland – was pulled down by a RESTART opposition member.

Another example is when a RESTARTEE living in Germany, along with the protests against the censorship of the RESTART opposition, blocked the Cologne River Bridge and caused a delay in the ships, trains and the public transportation system schedules.

There are so many other significant efforts by RESTART Vendettas and special guards in different countries from Greece, UAE, and Turkey to London, Manchester and the US that were ignored completely by the media.

You can have a glance of what RESTARTEES did in the past few years to break the censorship against their opposition in this short video below:

The world has heard the broken hearts of RESTARTEES and has felt it with its flesh and bone. From now on, after all these great patriotic acts, anyone who keeps silent against the RESTART opposition is a traitor to the Iranian nation and will be accountable in the future.

RESTART is the only pragmatic movement in Iran and RESTARTEES are ready for the command of Seyed Mohammad Hosseini to rise and defend their country in the name of freedom.
The patriots of RESTART will fight for freedom and truth and fight the darkness of ignorance until the victory of light.

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