Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg and Democrats are in love with the Communists, terrorists and Radicals!

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Jack Dorsey (Twitter CEO) & Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO) & US Democrats

I am still wondering if Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg are with the Democrats or the Democrats are with Jack and Zuckerberg!

But I figured out,
all three are in love with Communist China, none of them censor terrorists and neither of them want the regime change in Iran.
Did you get that too?!

Jack clearly confessed that whatever content they find problematic they delete according to their policy.
Meaning: Dorsey is the judge here!! (on Twitter)
So our tweets will not be considered as documents for the court; they should arrest Jack and ask him why he did not remove a certain post!

By the way Jack,
who the hell has given you the Blue Tick?
You are the fakest person on earth; after you, it is Nancy Pelosi and after her, it is Joe Biden and Ilhan Omar.
Of course, there is no problem with Biden getting the blue tick, he is very well-known for his stupidity!

Any political activist whose life is at risk, like me, should throw away his phone as soon as possible,
because Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have already hacked your phone and handed in your documents and location to the terrorist regimes.
I should seriously consider it!

Seyed Mohammad Hosseini

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