The message from RESTART Leader to the Prime Minister of Spain

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Pedro Sánchez, Prime Minister of Spain

Pedro Sánchez cited the motto of the RESTART opposition in his speech today;
“All human beings are members of a whole”

This motto should soon be added on the UN headquarter’s sign.

Sa’di, Rumi and Cyrus the Great are three RESTART members.

Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo, and Ivanka Trump have previously quoted from Rumi and Sa’di too.

Announcing quarantine extension in Spain with verses from the famous Persian poet

In his speech, the Prime Minister of Spain recited a poem by Saadi to extend the three-week quarantine in this country.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, who appeared in front of the television cameras to extend the quarantine in this country, resorted to the verses of the famous Persian poet Saadi in order to arouse the sympathy of the people of his country in these difficult circumstances.

“This is exactly the situation in the world today, where all people must face the current crisis in Corona as a single body,” said the head of Spain’s central government. The Prime Minister of Spain emphasized that humanity by consensus forms a body, each of which is a member of this body and in unity and solidarity causes this body to work.

Sanchez also referred to the continuation of this poem by Saadi and reminded: “In the face of the hardships of others, don’t worry, don’t let people call you by your name”.

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