Quarantine of people infected with Coronavirus

RESTART leader sent a message about keeping people in quarantine and wrote:

To the stupid terrorist regime of Iran and its authorities;
If you want millions of people to be in quarantine at their homes,

1. You must bring people’s necessaries to their doorstep.

2. You must pay for rents and installments for three months, and water, electricity, and gas should be free.

3. You must close all religious sites, offices, banks, buses, subways, etc. except for hospitals and clinics!

4. Make the Internet fast and free so that people can do their work from home.

Otherwise, a civil war will break out and the angry people will voluntarily start killing the officials of the regime and the Basij and IRGC forces.
And in some cases Iranians may attack each other…

You did not take Coronavirus seriously…
But take this issue seriously!

RESTART leader also addressed the terrorist regime of Iran, Communist China, and other countries and said:

Nations have been paying for their governments for thousands of years!
To quarantine the people of the countries contracted with Corona,
NOW, Governments must provide their nations with free food and pay their rent and debts!

Unfortunately, people all over the world should prepare themselves to be a victim of Coronavirus!

Coronavirus is a mystical-scientific virus.

The RESTART Opposition becomes upset by the death of even one person on Earth because only the RESTART opposition has the following motto in the world:
“Human beings are members of a whole”

Iran’s regime supposed they could censor the mystical Coronavirus, like the mystical RESTART Opposition.
They censored the news about Coronavirus for one week. Then, one million people were infected!

The important point is the deceptive activities of the Ministry of Intelligence and the terrorist IRGC agents on social media in the guise of doctors, nurses, people and so on.
By hiding the truth, Iran’s regime has infected hundreds of thousands of people with Coronavirus and now wants to lay the blame on people for it on social media!
The regime wants to say that the virus spread by Iranian people, not the authorities!

The mystical Coronavirus will hit its peak from April 13 to May 4, and it is just getting started!

Return the land of Cyrus to Cyrus!
The last ultimatum to …
Russia, China, UK, Europe, and …

RESTART is the only way to salvation

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