US presidential election 2020 was an electoral coup!

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The United States of America (USA) Presidential Election 2020

Someone was eating the food of the person next to him. He asked the reason and the reply was, because I am crazy!
He said, if you really are crazy, why do not you share your food with me?

If there is a fault in the electoral software, why does not it ever switch votes from Biden to Trump?!

This says it all;
Elections Canada does not use Dominion Voting Systems!!
Because Canadians are afraid that Joe Biden would get five hundred million votes there too!!

This was an electoral coup!

Facebook, Twitter, and Google acceded to lose billions of dollars but take part in this coup.
China and Iran’s regime are definitely going to return them way more than that amount!

In addition to RESTARTEES and supporters of President Trump, conservatives are also heavily censored.

I can not see the comments!

If this is not a coup, then what is?

Dorsey and Zuckerberg;
Apologizing is not enough,
You should be punished after Trump’s victory.

Seyed Mohammad Hosseini

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