RESTART Leader’s message to Adam Schiff!

RESTART Leader’s message to Adam Schiff!

Shifty Schiff;
Do you have a passport other than your US passport?
If you do not, get one immediately!

The result is obvious,
Trump wins by a large margin,
Biden opposes that,
People laugh at Democrats,
Conservatives and Patriots gradually replace the Democratic Party.

You are with Putin, if you…

  • support the terrorist regime of Iran! (US Democrats)
  • pay $Bs to them in cash! (Barack Obama)
  • want to remove the sanctions after becoming president! (Joe Biden)
  • defend Reza Pahlavi and MEK! (Nancy Pelosi and John McCain)

Read it again, you fool!

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  1. Q patriot

    Schiff must be tried for treason, enemies of Americans are enemies of Persians and world patriots.
    they’ve been working together to reduce world population by raging pointless wars and genocides, but we now know we are powerful spiritual beings who can bring prosperity to earth with ease.

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